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Please Vote

Hey United Statesians of tumblr, we’re 5 weeks from our mid-term elections. Historically these kinds of elections have low turnout, especially from younger and poorer voters.

The extremists who want to dial back marriage equality, criminalize abortion, and make voting more difficult for low income voters are counting on this. Please, please, please vote. The extremists are banking on there being a low turnout of young people, women, people of color, poor people, and people concerned about social justice and environmental issues. We owe it to one another to get out there on that Tuesday and make our voices heard.

Fish is disgusting. Fish don’t even like fish, that’s why they’re frowning.

Look at a fish, he’s frowning because he’s like ‘oh, what’s that smell? It’s me, I’m a fish.’

What’s the best compliment you can give fish? It’s to say that it’s not fishy. You never hear ‘get the hamburger, it’s not burgery.’

Jim Gaffigan breaking down all the grossness of seafood on the Podcast episode this week with Reggie Watts and Thao Nguyen. (via witsradio)

(It’s true—this is what people say to me when they try to get me to eat fish.)

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